Swallows Grace

Calling all coffee addicts! *insert raised hand emoji* 

I love my morning coffee, mid-day coffee, sleepy time tea, you get it. I pretty much just enjoy coffee/tea, however, I always have to have the perfectly cute coffee cup! A friend of a friend recently opened this adorable little online shop, Swallows Grace, selling coffee mugs and I had to have one. Once I realized what they were selling them for, I wanted to buy a hundred! 

I have followed this sweet family since sometime in college, through the husbands cancer treatments and now their infertility journey, they have one amazing story. I know that I cannot do their incredible story justice so I will just share Kenzi's words from their website...

"After years of prayers, multiple fertility treatments, and losing 3 babies to miscarriage, we have decided that the journey to parenthood for us is through ADOPTION! We've always hoped to one day adopt, but didn't expect to do so, this soon. We have both personally experienced what it is like to be loved by someone that isn't "blood-related", but we know that blood is not what makes a family; L-O-V-E is. We are already so in love with the baby that God has planned for us. We don't know if he or she has even been conceived yet, or if they are currently growing in their birth mother's womb, who so selflessly chose life, but we are so excited to see our plan to finally becoming a Mom & Dad, unfold.

When we lost our first baby, I (Kenzi) went and had 3 tiny swallows tattooed behind my ear. Although I can not see them, I always know they are there. There isn't a reason as to why I got "3" birds tattooed, but a year later, it now all makes sense. God knew that we would have 3 precious angel babies, but I think He also knew that it would take our painful infertility journey and our "3" losses, for us to realize that He already has a child planned for us, just maybe not in the way we had expected for our first baby."

...so who wants to buy a mug now? Yep, they are making these awesome mugs to help raise the funds for their domestic adoption. I have never met such a selfless, amazing, and loving family, they deserve this perfect child God has planned for them! 

Be sure to shop the collection hereKenzi is also an amazing writer and will occasionally post to her blog, A Handful Of Faith!

Stella & Dot Trunk Show

Morning loves!

So today I wanna briefly chat about Stella & Dot, and let you know about my online trunk show! I'm hosting an online trunk show today with Stella & Dot and you get a chance to win an item of your choice, up to $50! 

I recently got the Rebel Pendant necklace and fell in love! I seriously have worn it everyday since I got it! 

Grab a cup of coffee and head on over to the trunk show and shop away! Be sure to treat yo self to a few jewels and enter to win on my Instagram- @brenicole88

Also, check out my wish list! I am just dying over those necklaces! 

Dijon Mustard Chicken

As I mentioned in my first post on here, I love to cook. I love to find a new recipe, try it out, add my own flare, and eat! Ever since changing pretty much everything about our eating habits, I've had to find new ways to cook chicken! One way I recently discovered was adding just about any sauce and seasonings under the sun! So far, so good!

You will need:
1/2 cup Dijon mustard (with our without mustard seeds, I prefer the seeds but didn't have them this time)
1 tbsp. red wine vinegar
1/4 cup maple syrup 
Dried or fresh rosemary 
2 chicken breasts 
Cooking spray 

-Preheat oven to 425
-Mix the mustard, vinegar, and syrup in a bowl. Be sure to totally mix in the maple syrup

-Coat baking dish with cooking spray- you don't want the mustard spread to stick, you're gonna wanna drink this stuff once it's all done! 
-Cover the chicken completely in the sauce and sprinkle Rosemary over top
-Bake for 30-40 minutes. My oven is a convection oven so I prefer the full 40 minutes, most ovens should only require 30 minutes or so
-Cut & serve! The remaining sauce in the dish you can scoop out and throw over the chicken or whatever else is on your plate, my husband liked it on everything!

I chose to serve with Parmesan asparagus, honestly because it was the quickest thing to whip up once I realized I hadn't made any sides. Oops. Also, I pair chicken with white wine, always.

15 grams carbs
30 grams protein
This was a meal that didn't require a meal time insulin for me! Win!

Let me know if you make it! How do y'all feel about recipes up on here? I mean I'm a total foodie, so always share yours with me as well! 

bre nicole

Hi loves!

I want to introduce myself and let everyone know why I started this little 'ol blog, bre nicole. I figured the easiest way to do this was a simple post on things about me!

1. I'm 26 and a newlywed! Jeremy and I were married on October 10, 2014 and it was the best day of my life so far! We had a gorgeous wedding on Belews Lake in Stokesdale, NC. It may have epic rained on our wedding day, but that didn't stop us! It was such an amazing day and I will never forget it!

2. I have worked in pediatric nursing for over 3 years, I recently went back to school to get my RN and will continue to work in peds! I LOVE my job and what I get to do everyday, it is one of the most amazing feelings to be able to help children and their families. Ps. ALL nurses and nursing students should read this book... it's the best nursing book i've ever read! 

3. I am a Type 1 Diabetic. First, do your research if you didn't know there were two different types! Second, I've lived with it for almost 20 years, and I'm doing great! Third, I don't have diabetes from poor diet or something I did to myself. I have recently changed many things in my life to better my health and living with diabetes and I can't wait to share some of that with you all! (this thing below keeps me alive!)

4. Hubs and I live in Charlotte, NC- The Queen City! We moved here for Jeremy's job almost 4 years ago and we love it! We absolutely love everything about Charlotte, especially the food! We took this pano-pic one night at Fahrenheit! 

5. I love to cook. All through college I hated it, loathed it. I would rather pick-up takeout! But recently I have found cooking very therapeutic, and I love trying new recipes! If you love to cook like I do I have some great meals on my 'foodie' Pinterest board! (This dry rub salmon is to die for, promise i'll post the recipe soon!)

6. I have a lot of friends, and I am rarely just sitting around or alone. I like to always be doing something, wether that's physically being with someone or just working on a new"project", I have to be doing something. My friends mean the world to me and I wouldn't be who I am today, or where I am, without them! 

7. I love wine & girl time! Preferably the two of them together! I grew up in a home where wine was very much appreciated and loved?!? My mom has taught me to love wine and know a good wine vs. a really good wine, basically no bad wine allowed. Put me at a vineyard with some friends, done!

8. I used to blog, here! I loved my blog so much, it was such a great experience and it allowed me to meet so many cool people, some of which I am very good friends with today! I just grew tired of the "fashion" scene, it began to bore me! Also, once we got married I just wanted to spend my evenings with Jeremy, I hated the thought of coming home and blogging or spending my weekend blogging! Now I want to blog to let others know about my experiences, nursing, diabetes, marriage, etc. I hope you all enjoy following along with me!

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